Our work is made possible by over 120 employees, world-renowned donors, 1,000 dedicated field workers and approximately 100 contract staff around the globe.

We love what we do,
it is our way of life.

Our global network of specialists shares an unwavering resolve to work better, driven by a conviction that the world must be better. We possess an inclusive group of individuals with an array of skills and expertise.

We provide capacity building, strategic communications, management and technical assistance, applied research, performance monitoring, and procurement assistance to clients and partners worldwide.

Recent graduates and seasoned professionals are welcome at our organization. Our recruiters work hard to seek talent with a diversity of skills and backgrounds so that we are strategically positioned to offer value and be more effective in our work.

Let’s work together

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    Our Clients

    We recognize the importance of maximizing effective partnerships in our quest to achieve healthier communities across Nigeria. As such, we ensure to collaborate and initiate partnerships with national and subnational government agencies, NGOs, donors, community-based groups, and religious and traditional leaders in these various communities.