HIV Testing0Improving Comprehensive AIDS Response Enhanced for Sustainability (ICARES)

On iCARES project, we are focusing on 7 high prevalence LGAs in Benue. In the first 6 months, we successfully identified and linked 9,007 clients to care. Due to our outstanding performance in the State, we got an expansion to 6 other States (Plateau, Ondo, Ekiti. Osun, Oyo and Ogun) as subcontractors to APIN Public Health Initiatives. We commenced community-level HIV testing and linkage to care in 6 LGAs in each of the 6 additional States, identified by NAIIS (Nigeria HIV/AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey) as those requiring particular attention. This year, we have recorded 5.583 individuals who tested positive and are on anti-retroviral therapy (ART) in Benue. In the 6 additional States, from March 2021. we have successfully enrolled a total of 1.234 clients to care, and we are swiftly gaining more traction.

360HSDC employs differentiated service delivery models to increase reach, while offering HIV testing, counseling and treatment services to the most rural of communities, leaving no one behind in the drive to attain epidemic control. Such methods include marine community testing in riverine areas, ‘sunrise’ and ‘moonlight’ testing (HIV testing at early hours and late hours of the day, respectively), testing in farming and fishing settlements, and targeting remote and border communities. This also includes our collaboration with unsupported private facilities – both orthodox (maternity homes, clinics, hospitals, community pharmacies, patent medicine vendors, laboratories), and traditional (traditional birth attendants, bonesetters, religious houses). We have used these approaches to engender service continuity and sustainability. Additionally, we utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map HIV hotspots and track the locations of cases and their proximity to supported facilities, for optimized service delivery and resource planning. This system is integrated into our management information process and reports disaggregation’s


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