Program Areas

360 HSDC employs several strengthening tools and methodologies to enhance demand promotion, such as campaigns within the communities, while utilizing traditional and digital media to inform and educate citizens on healthcare and improve health-seeking behaviors. These strategies are analyzed and evaluated to allow for a more evidence-based and tailored approach to the needs of specific populations.

Health Service Delivery

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Research and Assessments

Strategic Behavioral Change Communication


We strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible throughout all project implementation stages, by fostering excellent performance among staff and team members.

Collaboration and Partnership

We recognize the importance of maximizing effective partnerships in our quest to achieve healthier communities across Nigeria. As such, we ensure to collaborate and initiate partnerships with national and subnational government agencies, NGOs, donors, community-based groups, and religious and traditional leaders in these various communities.


At 360 HSDC, we have a very bottoms-up approach, as we believe true, sustainable change comes from the communities. In line with this, we deliver client-centered services, putting communities and individuals at the center of our programming. Through this means, we have been able to effect meaningful change, increase demand uptake of health services, and provide more underserved communities with the help they need.


As a vibrant and a data-driven organization, we believe that to move towards epidemic control of diseases and sustained outcomes, there is the need to utilize innovative approaches into our holistic strategy. With core competencies in service delivery, system strengthening, and partnerships across various industries, we are developing innovative tools to enable us to provide more efficient client-centered health services.

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