Supply Chain Management and Logistics

360 HSDC has a solid record of accomplishment in all aspects of assessing, strengthening, and managing supply chain data systems to improve the procurement, storage, distribution, LMIS supply chain management, and coordination and dispensing of health commodities in developing countries.

We have led and conducted USAID-commissioned evaluations in many developing countries. Most recently, 360 HSDC evaluated the SQSH grant in Haiti; APHIA plus in Kenya; and DELIVER/SCMS in Pakistan. 360 HSDC has conducted programmatic and clinical audits of Global Fund HIV, TB and malaria grants in Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana. We also support our clients to develop project learning plans at the start of projects to ensure prompt identification and course correction of issues.


Health Service Delivery

Research and Assessments

Strategic Behavioral Change Communication

National Integrated Sample Referral Network (NISRN) project

360 HSDC undertakes biological specimen cold chain transportation and test results dispatch between 473 healthcare facilities across 16 LGAs...